Aliya Abilities Added!!

The 1.0 version of Aliya introduced a "bounce" gameplay mechanic.

Although many players like it, we feel the gameplay dries out pretty quickly and the gameplay didn't quite match the "Rogue-like" tag.

So we're updating the game with the Ability System!

Ability System

In this update, You can upgrade Aliya and her Robots by adding different abilities to them!

Here are some interesting ones:

  • SuperElasticity:  damage+1 for each target you hit
  • EnergyAccumulation:  damage+2 every time a robot is bounced
  • KillerInstinct: Each time you hit an enemy, damage +3; Each time you hit a robot, damage -2

There're more abilities in the game for you to explore!

Other Updates

Also, Since manyplayers said it was hard to predict the exact route of the bullet, I added more indicators so the players now know exactly where the bullet travels.

We are adding more abilities along with other monsters for Aliya to fight in the upcoming updates!! Stay tuned!

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13 days ago

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